Word of the Year – 2012

Hi There,

Every year at GEMINI, Audrey asks each of her instructors / students to select a word of the year. This is a word that you can use to inspire you each day, and remind you of what’s important.

This year i have decided to choose “Aspire: to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous,especially for something great or of high value”

As many of you know i took on some new challenges this year. I have started teaching the MIT (Model in Training) Program, which is new to Gemini this year. This class is taught by myself and Ema Suvajac (www.emasuvajac.com / http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ema-Suvajac-Photography/143199739057890). This program has 37 students ranging in age from 12 – 18. It has been an exciting year so far, but i am more excited for next year. All of the students are now online on the GEMINI Models website and many of them are starting to book work with the agency. In the new year we will be completing 4 more photo shoots in different themes to build their portfolios. Good luck girls – I’m excited to hear your word of the year!

I purchased my first home this year. On November 18th, 2011 i took possession of my condo. I’m living on the 4th floor of a beautiful renovated factory style loft. I have acquired such luxuries as a dishwasher, some rather large factory doors, and my favourite thing of all must be the oversized bath tub. Many more baths to come for 2012. I’m excited for the challenges that owning a home brings, and i’m proud to say that i was able to purchase on my own, although i will have a room mate for 2012.

Gemini Moved! As many of you know, most of my day is spent at GEMINI Models working as an Agent / Administration. Well in September 2011 we had to relocate to avoid the Weber Street construction which will take place in the next few years. Our old location was quaint and comfortable, but the new loft style offices are beyond amazing.

I started the lauriecadmancreative concept. My website is still under construction, but the site is and will be lauriecadman.com. I’m attempting to design my own website and hopefully it will be completely live early in 2012. There were so many successes to celebrate in this business i don’t know where to begin. Special thanks to all of my friends for their continued support.

I find with all of these changes I really bounce awake in the morning, refreshed and inspired.  I want to take that inspiration and really aspire in my day-to-day goals.

So, challenge yourself for 2012 and choose your word of the year!

Laurie Cadman


Modern Day Part Time Supermodel?!?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been through a whirlwind of business! As many of you know Gemini Modelling Agency (www.geminimodels.com) relocated to the beautiful 72 St. Leger Street, Suite 310, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, in September 2011.

Gemini Photo

Photo by Laurie Cadman

We were met at our new location with a fantastic but busy Fall Fashion Season. It was an amazing experience and though sometimes overwhelming, we seem to have made it through, and now we’re gearing up for the Holidays!

I’ve been meaning for a while to write a bit about the reality of modelling locally. I have decided to simply sum up the sort of work i’ve been booking lately!

1. I have to thank the lovely Becca G. When she moved to London to pursue a postgrad, she suggested that I might be a good replacement for the year for our regular clients MTD. Since then i’ve had the pleasure of shooting a few campaigns with them. It is always a great afternoon filled with laughs and lawnmowers!

MTD sample shot

Photo by: Langen Studios (MTD product)


Photo by: Langen Studios (MTD Product)

2. Gemini Modelling Agency – after 10 years, has taken on Wedding Dreams Fashion Shows. Grand River Shows owns this as well as many other Trade Shows in Waterloo Region. As a way to better serve their audience, Wedding Dreams Magazine was launched. Featuring Gemini Models exclusively, i was lucky enough to be selected as the cover. (Each submission in the magazine was considered)



More to follow…

Leave it to the “Professionals”

Hi There,

I’ve been experiencing the same vicious cycle over and over, in every aspect of what I do! I think it’s important to share these thoughts in the hopes of saving you an “incident” in the future.

We are now living in a time where everyone seems to be struggling to keep up with everything they want to do. This leads to shortcuts, price cuts and an overall lack of professionalism. When you commit to someone / something you stick to it, or you don’t commit.

Lets start by looking at Models. Yes – you can hire your friend to model for you. Yes you will have a person in a form of media – whether it be voice, video, photo, etc. BUT -Will you be happy with the product? That’s where the debate comes in. Models are professionals who have dedicated time and money into perfecting their art. A model’s job is to inspire their photographer/videographer/ client, and to provide a variety of looks to allow for the best possible outcome. When you go with an amateur model, you may luck into exactly what you want, or you may end up with a terrible overall product.

In addition we should also look at Agencies. Why book a model through an Agency? Agencies spend their time sifting through people to find the best possible matches for any particular job. They spend time training and developing the model, as well the set guidelines to ensure your model will arrive early, prepared and ready to work. If a model doesn’t show up, the Agency is there as a safety net to ensure you as a client are satisfied. When you book a friend – who knows if they are camera shy, if they know what angles work for their body, or if they will even comprehend what it is you are trying to produce.

I have found that this isn’t limited to the modelling industry, so let me provide you with a few other comparisons:

-Hiring a DJ for a wedding vs. your friend with an ipod (who has no legal right to play the music in a public setting – fyi)

-Hiring a cake decorator and asking them to work at the same rate as the slab cake you could by at the local grocery store. A cake decorator is an artist, who will more often than not be working under minimum wage to create a masterpiece. Please do not insult them by asking them to work for free. It’s just not possible.

-Hiring a photographer who has invested time into their craft and can complete an image (including post-production) instead of that shady looking guy with a point and shoot camera who wants to work in his basement. Trust me – no one wants to see those photos – You want to be caught in your best light.

-Hiring a professional web/graphic designer with a portfolio of successful websites/ images vs a friend who has designed a website for a friend of a friend once.

– Hiring a carpenter / plumber / electrician instead of a friend who helped out in fixing things before. This one should be a no-brainer.

With quality comes a price, in any industry. So why pay more? Well that’s when the great debate comes in. Why by local? Why by fresh? Why by organic? Why invest?

The answer is simple. If we do not support professionals, soon we will no longer have them. It is a battle to be a modern day artist in any form. By not supporting professionals you risk quality, you risk being out more money than you would have paid to just work with a professional in the first place. You risk wasting your time.

So please, think twice before trying to cut corners! You may be costing yourself  unnecessary time, energy and money in the long run.

Laurie Cadman

Bridal Crash Course – What the heck?

Pst…  Brides to be!

Laurie Cadman Creative is now offering 1 on 1 pre-wedding shoots!

Are you nervous to shoot your engagement shots or day of shots?

Are you worried you are going to be stiff or awkward?

Quit stressing and take some time for you!

I’ve been working with models on set at photo shoots for over 10 years! I’m happy to help you learn how to position your hands and body in order to get the most out of your photos!

Are you searching for a reliable, punctual talented make-up artist for your wedding? Well if you book through LCC you can do your wedding make-up trial & do a practice shoot before your big day!

Bring your gown if you can – learning how to work your outfit is half the battle! See how your make-up photographs – and if you like how the final product would look.

Would you rather create a sexy gift for your man to be? Classy lingerie shoots also optional.

Wedding photos last forever! Take care of business and take some time just for you!

Please contact info@lauriecadman.com for rates and availability!

Portfolio can be found on Facebook!

So.. What is “Laurie Cadman Creative”?

Hi There,

Some of you may know me, some of you don’t. My name is Laurie Cadman and I’ve recently started a business called “Laurie Cadman Creative”. I’ve been pursuing different creative ventures for years. I decided that branding everything together made the most sense.

So what do I do?

A little bit of everything!

-Photo Styling
-Model Coaching
-Graphic Design
-Facebook Page Management For Small Businesses (Intro to social media)
– Web Design (Contracted)
-Certified Make-Up Artist
-Model Agent – Geminimodels.com
-Cake Decorating (Bijoux Cake Creations)
-Oil & Acrylic Painting

I also contract work to artists – models – web designers and photographers!

I love what I do, perhaps a little too much… but here is where i will be sharing updates on successes and challenges.

Laurie Cadman